woman in sweater carrying toddler

Top 16 Must Haves Every Mom Should Buy

In the modern world, mothers live much easier than they used to like about 20 years ago. Life with kids and without everyday household routine is possible if only to simplify it for yourself with the help of all those modern gadgets that good and smart people have created for us. To find out about the TOP-16 things that make life easier for moms, various surveys were conducted. And seasoned moms gave an answer. So let’s check this out!

1. Breast pump and expressed milk storage system.

2. A baby swing with a remote control. This is a very useful thing that will give you time for yourself while the baby is asleep.

3. Skype with video call enabled (on a laptop, tablet or smartphone) as a baby monitor.

4. Applications. Kid’s, educational, gaming, and developing apps for kids on a smartphone or tablet as well as thousands of downloaded baby books. You need to use all the advantages of the modern world.

5. Yogurt maker to create fermented baby food at home. A very necessary thing with so you always know what your baby eats.

6 Inflatable rubber ring on the neck for bathing the baby. Almost all modern mothers have it.

7. A high сhair for feeding the baby that’s foldable in a horizontal position.

8. A stationary device combining a food processor and a blender. It’s convenient for quickly whipping shakes, dough for pancakes and other sweets.

9. Car seat. Those who have a car can’t do without it. It’s also comfy to carry her around the house or the mall.

10. Rustling toys or ordinary household items – for example, tea bags in shiny packaging. Kids love to rustle and shift them and mother at this time manages to cook food in the kitchen. These things always help out!

11. Whisk for whipping. Think weird? But no! This is a great distracting toy that will help keep the baby busy in the kitchen, for example, when he eats.

12. Radio and baby monitor.

13. Portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s needed in order to play music for the baby, for instance, in the bathroom, so that it would be more fun to bathe.

14. A bowl of cereals and curly pasta. They are suitable for the development of the baby’s creativity and will distract him while his mother is busy. At first, you can give only under supervision but when the kid grows up, it’s no longer scary that they put “materials for creativity” in their mouths.

15. Humidifier. Moms will need to do the cleaning less often with it. A very useful modern thing.

16. A multi-tier clothes dryer. It takes up less space than horizontal dryers as it grows “up”, and more linen is placed on it than on a standard. That’s a necessary thing to clean up a mess in a house where there are children, as mothers very often wash their things.

All these things are available for every woman, so look for, buy and enjoy using it so that you have more time to relax for happy motherhood.