couple with dogs in backyard

Small Backyard Design Ideas

Quite often, the estates of private-zone owners consist not only of the front of the house but also of the courtyard outside, which is located behind the house. Such a place is called a backyard. Some owners give this place to store household equipment, and someone invests in the design of the backyard, not only time but also the soul.

Basically, the idea of ​​creating a cozy space, which is located behind the house, arises at the time of replenishment of the family, when the usual place for the owners is not enough. In order for the backyard to bring spiritual and aesthetic pleasure, it is necessary to think over and create a specific design for it, and the expanded territory can be used for your own purposes. A good option might be to create a playground or build a gazebo. Here, in the bins of his own house, you can spend quiet summer evenings with your family and close friends. The design of the backyard should be developed based on the needs of the family who lives in the house. If you have a large family with many relatives, then a cozy gazebo with a large table will come in handy.

When a young couple lives in the house who likes to host noisy companies, they can be equipped with a pool or playground for future offspring. Maybe even combine the two options so that the children during the walk would be under the control of adults. When the house is in the possession of a person who is professionally engaged in some kind of creativity or creates certain objects, it will be important for him to create a place for himself in the workshop, and an elderly couple can equip a garden in the backyard with magnificent greenery and flowers.

Backyard Arrangement Options

1. A meeting place

The most common use of the backyard area is to create a gazebo in the center of which there is a barbecue. Here you can get together with your family and invite friends.

2. For literature lovers

Can’t imagine your holiday without your favorite book? Then you just need a backyard, which will be made in the English style. The features of this design are low fences painted in light colors, beautiful wooden furniture, and well-groomed green bushes.

3. Oriental motifs

If you like Moroccan style, then you will definitely like the back patio, which will be made taking into account oriental traditions. Here, paving tiles boring everyone is replaced by incredibly beautiful patterns laid out from mosaics, and instead of standard furniture, wicker furniture is used. If there is a gazebo on this territory, then it will be very successful to place a lot of multi-colored pillows in it and cover the floor with a carpet. Shrubs are used as greenery.

4. For active people

There is nothing more beautiful than doing what you love without leaving far from home. Those who love sports can equip their backyard in the appropriate style. Put a tennis table and pool, and always comfortable sunbeds. They are useful in moments of relaxation.

5. A connoisseur’s corner

If you belong to the category of people who not only love flowers and indoor plants but appreciate truly rare species, then you can create your own original garden with rare plants on its territory. For relaxation, you can stretch a hammock and set up a small table. In such a yard, you can create alpine slides, and artificial fountains and even lakes with swans.