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Apartment and House Interior Trends in 2020

The tendencies in the design of residential spaces, which have dominated the last few years, are confidently maintaining their positions, so that aesthetic shocks in the new season are not expected. Design idea continues to develop towards creating the most comfortable environment for humans, hence the use of natural materials, a natural palette, and the design of comfortable furniture.

Key principles in interior design 2020

Emphasis on sustainability is a common trend denominator. Natural elements are actively being introduced into the home environment: from traditional wood and stone to experiments with materials that many consider being rubbish. Industrial designers are happy to reuse plastic. And of course, living plants remain in the top – vertical and hanging green gardens or arranged in ordinary flower pots. It is not surprising that the green color in the decoration is named one of the headliners of the year.

Living space

Laconicism, simplicity, and convenience are characteristic of most of the interior projects created today. The future is no exception. Neutral tones and graphic lines do not distract and allow you to focus on relaxation, communication, and work. In the interior, everything is valued that will provide comfort and silence when you especially want it.

Hybrid houses

The modern lifestyle directly affects the features of the interiors of 2020. The ubiquitous digital communications allow people to work at home, not in the office. This means that in addition to traditional facilities for recreation, entertainment, and everyday activities, you need to create special work areas that are integrated into the design of the house. Instead of the usual separation of rooms – spaces of mixed-use, where work is combined with relaxation, and the boundaries of the zones are easily transformed. The layout can include different floor levels when the rooms seem to move one into another, autonomous workplaces are connected by a common library, and the sleeping area is located right here but behind the sliding panels.

Scandinavian-Japanese interior style

The japandi style (name from the combination japan + scandi) is gaining popularity. The combination of Scandinavian and Japanese design traditions has incorporated the best features of both styles:

  • functionality;
  • simplicity of forms;
  • natural gamut with bright point accents;
  • minimum decor;
  • plain textured textiles.

And if the Scandinavian trend prefers cool white and gray colors, then the oriental decor introduces warm colors and makes the atmosphere more welcoming.

Material Trends

In the fashionable interiors of 2020, a dark wood boom is expected, which will bring attractive chocolate, chestnut, and coffee shades to the design of the rooms. The wood of oak, wenge, mahogany, etc. can be seen not only in furniture but also in the lining of walls, floors, decorative structures.

The trend for the use of metals in any variation will continue – from silver and gold colors to steel and aged coatings. Ways to include metal elements in the decor: lamps, mirror frames, furniture legs, vases.

Leather chair is a must

There are materials that are popular regardless of changing trends, but there are seasons when you can’t miss them in the finish. So the interior design in 2020 predicts a stir on leather chairs. Classic luxury items in the style of Chesterfield will continue to decorate the loft spaces, the original models of genuine or synthetic leather will receive their attention.