Why do People say Hurtful Things to Others?


The other day I was thinking and trying to figure out why people say hurtful things to others? I realized those words hurt even more when they come from people we love and/or appreciate very much. Then I came to a conclusion that the closest people to us really know us very well, therefore they know exactly what to say to get to us, where maybe someone that doesn’t know us that good wouldn’t be able to hit the nail in the head that great and also we probably would not care anyway.

The most common reasons why people like to say hurtful things to others are anger, fear and jealousy. Anger, I would say, it’s the most common one. It’s like they want to finish you in seconds by saying the wrong thing to you. They know it’s going to hurt you that’s why they say it, even if they don’t mean it, but they let the anger take over their mind and soul. They could also hurt you because for whatever reason they feel intimidated by you, and by hurting you they feel less fear. And last, because they are jealous of you. This last cause doesn’t really need too much explanation since we all know the best way for envious people to attack is by hurting others with their words. The whole purpose, whatever the reason could be, is to hurt you to make themselves feel better, because they are unhappy and insecure about themselves and they are just projecting that dissatisfaction inside out. The only thing I could recommend to you is to ignore them. Don’t let those words take the best out of you. Don’t hold grudges… forgive… otherwise you are letting them win.

On the other hand, if you are the one hurting others with your words, I recommend you stop. Words are a double-edged sword, so always use them in a positive way. Words are very powerful and you are accountable not only for what you do, but for what you say as well and once you pronounce those words there is no way to take them back. So be careful of what you say especially to your loved ones, because by the time you realize what you said was wrong, it could be too late to apologize, either because you went beyond the limit and caused the end of that relationship between you and that person or because that person will not be around anymore for you to say sorry. I just saw that happen to someone this week… 🙁


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  1. Linda Love

    What I don't understand is why people will smile in your face and bad mouth you either behind your back, tell you they know best about YOUR life, but are stuck in a deadend job they complain about daily. I have to draw the line on that friendship immediately. I won't tolerate angry people…ever!

  2. justmartha

    Hi, I just wanted you to know that this article was very helpful to me.

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