When Change Strikes: What to Do?


I recently found out some news that are really going to affect not only myself but also a lot of people that I appreciate very much. Last night after I found out about this big change on the way, I read a posting on Facebook from The Secret that said that “when things change in our life, often we have resistance to the change”. It also said that when we finally understand that life is change and that change is part of the assembly and structure of the Universe, then we will understand that change is essential and ineluctable and nothing ever stays still. Everything is energy and energy is always in continue motion.

We seem to have a problem with the changes we did not create. I think it has to do a lot with facing the fear of the unknown since we tend to feel at ease and safe in our comfort zone. But change is inevitable and when it happens the best we could do is to learn how to deal with it.

The first step is acceptance. We need to learn that sooner or later everything comes to an end. When we assimilate this, then everything will be much easier.

Secondly, it’s focusing on the positive.  Do not torture yourself looking at the negative. Instead, embrace the change and think that things always happen for a reason, and that reason does not have to be a bad one. Be thankful for all the good times you had and accept that it’s time to begin a new endeavor.

And last, look at life as a journey of learning. If everything was to stay still then our life would have no meaning. We come here to learn, discover and have experiences so we could learn and better ourselves. So let’s not fear the uncertain because the only way to move forward in life is accepting changes in a positive way. Remember, everything is mind and everything is energy.


2 comments on “When Change Strikes: What to Do?

  1. Zoraya

    Deep article but is so true. I think we all fear change in are life’s ! Thank you for sharing this great words.

    1. Lakshmi in Trance

      That’s right! If we don’t accept changes in our lives, how are we supposed to experience and learn new things? After all, that’s what we all came here for!

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