The Perfect Formula to Achieving your Goals



As an eagerness to find the path to success I am constantly looking for ways to improve my methods of achieving my goals. When I am passionate about something I tend to not give up until I see the results I am looking for. I had listed a few helpful tips on my previous article Pursuing your Dreams on how to start following your dreams. Today I will get more into details, meaning I will give you more tips on how to achieve your goals once you have already started.

The first thing anyways is to know what you want. According to Christopher K. Randolph – The Sales Edge you should follow the formula:


He explains the first and second step could be transposed. You need to know exactly WHAT is it that you want to achieve. Write it down. Be clear and specific.

Secondly, you need to figure out WHY. And this is very important because unless you know why, you won’t have the willpower required to succeed. One way to figure this out is by focusing on how it makes you feel when you think about what you want. Does it make you feel joy? An incredible feeling of happiness? Write these reasons down.

The third step involves knowing HOW to achieve your goal and WHEN. You need to create a plan, step by step, on how you are going to follow it up including datelines. Break your goal down into the steps you’ll need to take to achieve it, giving priority to the ones that need to be taken care of first. Try breaking it down into smaller tasks. This way, every time you achieve one of these tasks your confidence will grow more and more, and your motivation will reinforce.

The last step (DO IT) implies taking action. Read and speak your plan out every day. Visualize your goal on a daily basis. Stay motivated. You can even choose a song that will give that boost you need to get into a productivity mode. Try working on your goal daily. Every time you feel like giving up think about what life would be like if you did not accomplish your goal, and also look back and see how much time and effort you have already invested… is it worth letting go? To me, it’s not.


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