“Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

Who said Success occurs on your first trial? Einstein said: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Why are people so afraid to make mistakes? I feel the more mistakes we make toward a project, a goal or a dream we would like to achieve, the closer we are to succeed, less obstacles we have to deal with, as long as we do not incur the same errors. Like Thomas Alva Edison stated regarding the light bulb invention: “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb”. Every time he failed he was closer and closer to the number one way to actually succeed. Failure is a learning process only when we stay focused, when we do not get discouraged and we do not quit. If you believe in yourself, in your dream, I can assure you will succeed.

Patience is also part of the process. Do not expect things to happen overnight and also remember that when you start something and leave it half way, someone else will come and grab it, and will finish it off getting the credit. I personally think failure has a bad impact when we quit, when we give up letting others get that credit. When we do the dirty work so someone else could shine. I suggest you take this into consideration whenever you get overtaken by doubts.

Often we hear celebrities life stories about how they made it and how hard it was to get to where they are, and almost all of them have a common factor. They tried several times until they were finally acknowledged and a lot of them got even scarred with brutal criticism, nevertheless they quit. I am not saying it is easy, you might have to experiment tribulation, negative criticism, frustration and so on. But if you are convinced and know what you want, always believing in yourself of course, you will pass that.

The light always makes the darkness go away. The value of a positive number is always higher than a negative one. This means that positive thinking is always going to be stronger than negative thinking. So we can not let others destroy our dreams with their disapproval when we have the most powerful weapon to fight the battle, which it is our mind. The mind produces thoughts and thoughts become things, remember? So next time giving up on your dreams crosses your mind, stop to think that success is not up to nobody but YOU.

5 comments on ““Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

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  2. Lourdes Torres

    Felicidades!!! Dianie, gracias por tomarte tiempo en generar este precioso y atinado articulo para nosostros, en el fusionas pensamientos importantes en materia de exito, te veo grande!!!

    1. Lakshmi in Trance

      Lourdes!!! muchas gracias por tu comentario! en verdad no sabes lo mucho que lo aprecio. Es muy gratificante saber que alguien como tú piensa de esa manera con respecto a este proyecto. Me encantaría que no juntáramos cuando vaya a la República. Besos desde aquí! Espero seguir cumpliendo con tus expectativas:)

  3. Yova

    Excellent !!! super enfocada !!!! excelente articulo, definitivamente tienes el don !!! y el cielo es el limite, keep going !!!!

    1. Lakshmi in Trance

      gracias amiga! y tú tienes el don de siempre hacerme sentir bien no matter what! gracias por tu apoyo!!! y así es, el cielo es el límite amiga! y eso va para las dos.

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