Stop that Victim Mentality: 5 Tips to Break Free!

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How to Stop Victim Mentality

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Do you like people feeling sorry for you? Are you the type of person who likes to get people’s attention by acting like the victim? If you are not this type of person you most likely know someone who acts like a victim. Regardless of you being right or not in a specific situation, there is no need to act like a victim. Self pity could be destructive and also addictive. There is sort of a pleasure people get by feeling hurt and getting others attention.

According to Osiris Montenegro in The victim mentality, “a victim is someone who feels powerless, and is therefore unable to take appropriate action to resolve situations adversely affecting their well-being.” But most people who act like victims do have what it takes to take action and solve their problems, it’s just that they choose not to… And why is this?

One of the main reasons why people act like victims is low self esteem, and with that comes negative thinking and fear. They never take responsibility for their actions and they think the world is against them and that God is always punishing them, when we all know God is not a punisher.

It is time to switch it around and stop that victim mentality now! There is no need to feel self pity or crave attention by acting like a victim. If something bad happened to you, you are not the only one… welcome to the club! Stop telling people about it! You might get people’s attention in the beginning, but they will eventually get tired and will walk away from you.

But how do you get rid of this victim mentality?

victim mentality, acting like the victim, victimizing thoughts, self esteem, Lakshmi in Trance, Lakshmintrance,

5 Tips to Break Out a Victim Mentality


1. Work on your self esteem. Love yourself and take control of your life. You are responsible for everything that happens to you. Do not allow others to dictate your life. For tips on how to work on your self esteem, please refer to How to Raise your Self Esteem, The Importance of Nurturing your Self Esteem and How to Love Yourself: 5 Magical Ways.

2. Change your mindset. Stop believing that you are the only one who bad things happen to. We all go through rough times, and trust me, somewhere someone else is going through a worse situation than yours. Also, stop thinking that you are being punished by God; everything that happens to you is either a result of your negative thinking or your previous actions. To learn the new way to pray, refer to How to ask God for Something: The New Way to Pray.

3. Be positive. Be aware of what you say and what you think. Try to stop your mind from thinking negative. Avoid negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Write down and pronounce positive affirmations everyday. It could be something like “I am confident and love myself” or “Something good an magnificent will happen today”. Read my previous articles “Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life”  -Proverbs 4:23 and Overpower your Negative Thoughts: 4 Easy Ways.

4. Forgive. If someone hurt you in the past, just let go. You must forgive yourself and others in order to move forward. Refer to my previous articles Forgiving Yourself and “An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.” -Mahatma Gandhi.

5. Gratitude. Show and express appreciation to God and/or the Universe for everything that you have at this very moment. Focus in your present, on what you have, on the people that are still with you. Don’t focus on your lacks or on what you don’t have anymore. Why keep dwelling in the past? There is always a reason why things are the way they are. To learn how to practice gratitude read 5 Ways to show Gratitude as part of the Law of Attraction and “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more”.


Do you act like a victim or know someone who does? Put into practice these effective tips and break free from a destructive and addictive victim mentality.


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