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About seven months ago I was having a conversation with a very close friend about being in need of a change in my life. I have been working in accounting for over ten years now and even though I love my job, I felt something was missing. I kept asking my friend who knows me for years, what she felt I was good at. She came up with a few things but she had always believed I am good at putting things together, like outfits and looks, makeup, planning and decorating. And she is right; I love all of that. Now the question was how to make it happen. “Where do I start?” I asked her. And that’s when the whole Blog idea came up. I love to do all of the stuff above mentioned and on top of that I love to write and express myself, so the Blog project my friend came up with was just perfect for me!


Now I look at my life different. I have projects in mind; I am more enthusiastic; my days are filled with excitement and novelty. I feel my life now has a purpose. And why is that? That’s because I am doing what I love and I am enjoying it as well. I can’t deny I was a little afraid in the beginning, not to criticism of course, because I have always been very firm when it comes to what I like and having my own opinion as well; I wasn’t sure if what I knew about Beauty and Fashion was good enough to be expressed and manifested through a Blog. And this is one of the many holdbacks a lot of people suffer from. Fear is one of the main reasons why people are not doing what fulfills them. We sometimes think we won’t be good enough at that specific thing we would love to do; we are scared because we feel we don’t have the experience or the degree to do what we would love to do. But we need to start somewhere! And if a degree/ experience/ knowledge are required, let’s start working on that. It’s never too late. I now strongly feel in my heart and truly believe that Beauty is in every single one of us and it’s projected inside out not the other way around. I believe “Style is an expression of your own self”, therefore everyone is entitled to their own likes. Fashion dictates the current tendencies or styles that you make suitable according to your personality. So, I am not afraid anymore, everyone is entitled to express their style, and that’s what I’m doing. After all, who said everyone has to like what I do or has to agree with me?


Whatever your dream is, start working on it and make it happen. I understand is so easy to get caught up in our daily responsibilities, but we must find the courage and the willpower within us to start somewhere. I have put together a few tips on how to follow your dreams. It will be easier if you develop a plan and execute it. This way, you will know which steps to take in order to achieve your goals and also how to react to certain eventualities.


Here they are, I hope they could help you somehow:


1. Have the courage to dream. Some people are too afraid to even think about it. They think it’s pointless to have a dream because they automatically believe they don’t deserve to dream. To me, the worst feeling ever is regret. I rather try a million times than to regret not doing anything.


2. Get started.

a- Create a path setting major goals and breaking them down into smaller ones as well.

For example, you want to have your own bakery business. This would be your dream. Now you need to develop a plan to get there. Let’s say you want to start a home-based business first making cakes only. You set it as your major goal. Now you might need to:


– take bakery classes

– take cake decorating classes

– get the required equipment

– promote or advertise your business:

* order business cards

* call your friends and relatives to let them know.

* take pictures and post them on your social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.)

* create a web page

* give free samples


All of the above listed would be your smaller goals, but noticed how they could also subdivide into other smaller goals as well.


b- Write down a start date and a deadline (it’s good to give yourself a deadline as a challenge).

c- As you accomplish them, write down the accomplished date. This way you are creating a log, being able to see your progress.


3. Ignore criticism. Do not allow anyone to hold you back. Some people might simply not agree with you just because; others instead will disagree with you out of envy and jealousy. Either or, ignore them. Who said you have to limit yourself to what others are doing or think is right? This is your chance to prove them wrong and show them everything is possible. On the other hand, you will also be inspiring others to also follow their dreams, and at the end, that is what counts.


4. Face obstacles. Nobody said it is going to be easy. You are going to have to face some challenges along the way, but this is only going to teach you a lot of lessons previously required in order to succeed.


5. Enjoy the ride. Do not get frustrated or discouraged. Enjoy every little bit of it, because every lesson matters even if it looks negative. Find the positive in every situation. The more you stress or get desperate, the more chances to get discouraged and start questioning yourself if it’s worthy to continue. Just think that if you have already made it this far, why would you let go to waste everything you have invested and also have achieved? Things do not happen overnight, so just face the challenge, defeat it and keep on moving.


I have come to learn this Life is a chance to better ourselves and to take another step forward into the path of perfection. We came with a Divine Plan of Perfection. We didn’t come here just because. You know deep inside there’s a reason why you’re here. Let’s look into our soul, deep in our heart to find out our purpose in this current life.


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