My Christmas Wish List From Mavy Savvy

My Christmas Wish List this year is super affordable and stylish!

I definitely had way more items on my list than what I actually have now, but thanks to the awesome friends and family members I have, who know me so well, I was able to cross out a lot from my original list.

Now I am left with these 10 indispensable and must have items from one of my favorite sites: Mavy Savvy! A Premium Fast-Fashion online store, with trendy clothing and accessories at very affordable prices.

All the items I have listed are things I really need and love! From books and tech to sweaters and accessories… my list has it all!

I love to read and get inspired, and these books are gold!

As a blogger, I also need to keep up with technology, and a good camera as well as a portable mobile charger, are without a doubt, a great investment.

And who doesn’t need a casual and stylish bag, as well as winter accessories and comfy sweaters?

So as you can see, my Christmas Wish List, besides being super stylish and affordable, it’s also really practical. CHECK IT OUT ↓↓↓



My Christmas Wish List From Mavy Savvy



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1. Book Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha. Celebrity photographer Steven Sebring and the awesome and incomparable Coco Rocha have documented 1,000 unique poses in these 2032 pages, and I certainly want to practice all 1,000 of them.  😉 😉 😉 Reg. $35.50 On Sale $28.40

2. Style Book II: Pattern and Print Hardcover by Elizabeth Walker. This volume offers a fresh take on the iconic patterns and prints that are renewed and recycled year after year, from the runways to street wear. Definitely a must have! Reg. $12.50 On Sale $10

3. Universal Portable Rechargeable Battery Charger. This is a MUST for when you need to stay charged! It works with Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, HTC One, Motorola Moto, LG, BlackBerry, and other Android Smartphones. $9.99

4. Camera GoPro HERO4 BLACK. 2x the Performance: With improved image quality, a 2x more powerful processor and 2x faster video frame rates. It’s waterproof and what I love the most is its cinema-quality capture as well as its ultra wide-angle glass lens. $499.99

5. X-Large Heavyweight Chunky Cable Knit Infinity Scarf. Because I have an obsession with chunky and oversized scarves, as well as burgundy color, even though it also comes in black and charcoal. Reg $19 On Sale $15.20

6. Tote Bag With Embellishment Stones. Love this bag because of the color and the stones! I also love the size, because I am one who definitely needs to carry big and spacious bags. Reg. $39 On Sale $27.30

7. Boho Fringe Messenger Bag. I definitely need some boho fringe in my life! I have been wanting one for the longest. Plus I am totally in Love with that Yellow ♥ $29

8. Polka Dot Fuzzy Sweater. Because you all know I am a polkadot LOVER ♥! $30

9. Patterned Longsleeve Knit Top. I love this top because of its sheer chiffon sleeves as well as its comfy fit and the black and white pattern. Reg. $38 On Sale $28

10. Floppy Fedora Hat. I loooove hats and I have been dying for a floppy fedora hat in Burgundy. This one comes in Black too! Reg. $27 On Sale $21.60





My Christmas Wish List Is Super Stylish, Practical & Affordable This Year! Check Out The Trendy & Unique Items I Picked, All From Mavy Savvy Online Store.



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