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The other day I started thinking that my routine was getting me a little bored. It’s not that I don’t have a lot of things to do on my daily schedule, because I certainly do, but I have been getting the feeling that I need to make some changes around. It probably has to do with a conversation I had with my brother a few weeks ago. He was suggesting I needed to change a couple of things in my life. And as he was lecturing me I knew deep inside he was absolutely right. The problem is that sometimes we get too comfortable and we fear to get out of that comfort zone to experiment new things.

The Law of Attraction is so powerful! I have been thinking about my brother’s words over and over, and the word “CHANGE” has been stuck in my mind ever since, that changes are already happening around me, without me having to really make major decisions yet.

I started thinking about what changes should I make? And also, how should I make those changes? I know changes have to first really take place internally and I have been successful in that. So, I decided to make a list of things that I would love to do, things I should do that I have not done yet. I came up with a few things I’ve been meaning to do but I haven’t, due to procrastination and always making excuses. What I also did was to put a deadline on it. So I created a log with the date I wrote them down, the deadline and the actual achievement date. One of them was to change my hair color, something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while and I finally did as most of you could see. And honestly I am very happy about it because this marks the beginning of a whole bunch of stuff I have been dying to do and never had the courage to just go ahead and take action. Based on my own experience, I have created a few tips you should consider before you start putting your list into practice. Here they are:


1. Time yourself and for the next 5 minutes ask yourself what would you love to change about yourself or around you. Write everything down, it doesn’t matter if you think it’s impossible.


2. Go through your list and start setting your goals. Dream big, do not limit yourself. Start believing everything is possible. Just the fact that dream is in your head, it already exists, so if it exists it is possible. Where there’s a will there’s a way. It is all about your attitude and your mindset. Don’t be afraid of people’s comments. I just changed my hair color drastically, and I could care less if someone comes making a negative comment about it. I wanted to do it and I did it! and I am extremely happy. I am the one and only who needs to approve it and like it.


3. Set deadlines. As I mentioned above, write down the date when you created it, set a deadline and also write down the date you accomplished that goal. This log will be an incentive as you will be tracking your progress making it a challenge every time you set a goal.


4. Work on one goal at a time. This way you won’t get overwhelmed and will focus all your energy on that specific goal getting better results.


5. Take action. Everything until this point sounds great but if you don’t do anything about it, it’s worthless. So have the courage to start and don’t over think it. Almost everything is reversible.

Now that you have analyzed and absorbed these points, I am going to list some ways of changing your life around. Some are simple and small changes, but they could be the beginning of great things down the road:

a. Wake up early/ Wake up late. If you like waking up late on the weekends, try waking up early one day and go for a walk; enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a new book or watching TV. On the other hand, if you always wake up early, try staying in bed a couple of more hours.

b. Try a new restaurant or a different cuisine. Believe it or not, some people eat basically the same thing everyday. At least try a different meal once in a while. I love exploring different cultures and their foods.

c. Take dancing classes or learn how to play an instrument. Learn a new dance. Maybe Salsa, Ballroom, Tap Dancing…or learn how to play the guitar, the piano or the violin. It’s never too late. I personally take Belly Dancing classes with the awesome Gia al Qamar and I also want to learn how to play an electric guitar.

d. Get a makeover. This will make you feel like a new person! I feel that way. When you feel beautiful or you feel you look good, you gain self confidence and that shows! believe me. Change your your hair color, get a new haircut, wear makeup or a daring lipstick color. Buy yourself a new dress or a new shirt in an unusual color. Get yourself a new pair of sunglasses or the newest fragrance out there.

e. Learn a new language. Nowadays it is important to at least be bilingual, but it is also a way to learn something new and feel special and brag about it. I want to take Italian and refresh my French.

f. Join a Yoga class/ Gym/ Spiritual class. Nothing like taking care of our body and soul. You will feel more energized and more relaxed. I’ve been taking metaphysical classes for almost 2 years and I feel great!

f. Take a vacation. But take a vacation like the ones you see on the commercials. Don’t stay home. Travel. Come on, I know there is a country you have always wanted to visit. My dream is to go to France and Italy. I recently included India. You bet I will go.

g. Volunteer/ Donate.  Most of us have a daily routine of going to work/ going home. Let’s break that and volunteer to do something helping and serving others at no cost. I guarantee at the end of the day you will feel incredible. Donate to a good cause. You don’t have to donate a lot. But there is no better feeling than giving. You feel better about yourself and at the same time you are making someone else feel good as well. Besides the point that somehow you will get that in return multiplied a million times (The Great Law of Correspondence).

h. Get into a relationship/ End a relationship. If you are single, and that could be a good thing, maybe you are in need of having someone special by your side. On the other hand, if you are going through rough times being in a bad relationship, maybe ending it will mark a new beginning of great and better things.

i.  Get a new job. If you are feeling stuck where you are right now, start submitting your resume somewhere else. Maybe it’s time for a change and that could impact your life tremendously, since we spend more time at work than at home, so we definitely need to be happy at the place we work. Or maybe try opening your own business. You could even start gradually doing it a part time basis.

The idea is to create and have passion in your life, to always be excited about something. You don’t want to find yourself 30 years later in the same position, same circumstances, same old… The more you do things you like and love to do, the more happier you will be.


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