How to Find your Passion: 5 Infallible Ways

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How to Find your Passion

Finding your passion is sometimes not that easy. We often see and hear people talk all excited about how they found their passion and how much this has changed their lives. But for some people is a little more complicated to find out what is it they would love to do for their rest of their lives. Living in a world where most of us need to put in a lot of hours a day working in order to survive, it could be a challenge to not only pursue our dreams, but also even try to figure out what our dreams are. And if we know what those dreams are, sometimes we can procrastinate making ourselves believe we will someday start working on them, and by the time we start thinking about them again, we then will use the excuse that it is too late… and game over.

I have learnt that this Life is a chance to better ourselves and acquire all the experience we can while we’re here, so we must take advantage of every single second of it and do everything possible to live to fullest doing what we love to do and enjoying our loved ones, because our joy and learning experience are the only things we will be taking with us at the time of our final departure.

how to find your passion, find your passion, life purpose, self improvement, self growth, self love, follow your passion, Lakshmi in Trance, Lakshmintrance

How to find your Passion? Today I bring you 5 effective ways to help you find your passion.

1. Find inspiration. Identify your role models by writing down a list of 3 to 5 successful people who you admire and would like to be like. Also create an “Inspirational Board” with pictures of how you see yourself in the future. You can add things you would love to have like awards, fame, title, your dream house, car, etc.

2. Ask your friends and family. Ask the people around you what do they think you are good at. Personally I found out what my passion was through one of my best friends who always told me I was good at advising people what to wear, and she was also the one who got me into blogging.

3. Reminisce your early years. Try to think what used to make you feel happy as a child; what activities used to give you joy and happiness. Maybe it was painting, writing, singing or just pretending to be a cop or a model.

4. Observe what your interests are. What do you love to talk about, read, watch, learn or maybe advise others. There is always something we pay our attention the most.

5. Do not focus on money. A lot of people tend to go for what they think is going to make them money without even liking what they will be doing; this is why you see them quitting afterwards, because there was a lack of passion in the whole process. I read somewhere that passion is not in your mind but in your heart. So follow your heart instead. According to Lisa Girard on Five Creativity Exercises to Find Your Passion, take a break from business thinking and then once you have figured out what your passion is, then you can start writing down any business ideas that come to mind.


Make sure to follow these 5 infallible ways and learn how to find your passion. Stop procrastinating and start acting now!

For more information on how to find your passion, refer to my article Following your Passion and Enjoying the Process.

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