Giving This Holiday Season: Can We Count You In?

Giving is the most precious and valuable action a human being could express. Giving makes us a better person every time we put it in practice. It wasn’t until like three years ago that I learned the real meaning of giving. I was always the kind of girl who loved and enjoyed giving and helping others, but always thought people was supposed to at least appreciate it and every time someone did me wrong I used to always bring up how much I had done for them…wrong! Completely wrong!

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I have come to learn that giving is only valid when nothing in return is expected. It is great to give and help others, but the minute we condition this action to receiving something in return, we are washing away any merit we could have earned and the action becomes worthless.

Christmas is around the corner and it doesn’t matter if you celebrate it or not. I think the important thing about the Holidays is to let the Holiday Spirit take over us so we could show love and appreciation to our loved ones, as well as sharing with anyone a little bit of what we have, not what we don’t need! That is not how we give. We must share not get rid of what we don’t want or need anymore.

giving, Christmas, Christmas giving, Holiday spirit, Lakshmi in Trance, Lakshmintrance

The other day I was organizing my winter clothes with my mom, and I put aside a few garments to give them out, but there was one I really liked and had second thoughts whether I should keep it or not. Those who know me know how passionate I am when choosing and buying my clothes. But as soon as the person I was going to give my dress to came to my mind, my heart smiled out of joy. So I didn’t give my dress away because I didn’t want it anymore; I gave it with love sharing with others a little bit of what I consider my treasure.

Now, I should not expect anything in return either. Not even a thank you, because by even expecting that, I would be conditioning my action and therefore, making it worthless.




The best attitude is not to expect anything from no one, whether you give them something or not. Living with no expectations from anyone makes us less worried and way happier.


What Are You Planning On Giving These Holidays?


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