How to Camouflage your Roots

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If you are very busy like me and are probably meaning to dye your roots but hasn’t got the chance, here you got some excellent ideas on how to camouflage your roots. They are very simple, easy and inexpensive awesome tips that will help you hold on until you have the chance to go to the beauty salon.

5 Ways to Camouflage your Roots

1. Split your hair in a zigzag, instead of making it straight. This is a very old trick that always works.

2. Use Dry Shampoo, as it will absorb the grease on your hair giving you more texture to create volume and camouflage your roots. Make sure not to apply it too close to your hair. Try Redken Powder Refresh 01 $14 or Suave Professional Dry Shampoo $3.49

3. Create Volume. Grab parts of your hair up and using a comb press up and down to create volume on your roots. This will help disguise your roots. Or you could also get a set of rollers.

4. Cover the roots by wearing a Headband. There are a huge variety of cute and super stylish headbands out there, perfect for every season!

5. A Slicked Back Bun. I personally use this trick a lot. This bun will make your hair look darker overall and it will hide your roots in general. I like to make it really tight and add hairspray or a little bit of gel.


If you know of any other tip to help camouflage your roots, feel free to share it with us. I picked the most cheap and easy ones, because the whole idea is not to do anything complicated or expensive, instead I rather to really make the time to go to the beauty salon 😉


5 Great Tips for Smooth and Beautiful Lips

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Now that Winter is almost over and beautiful Spring is approaching is time to start preparing our skin and our face to go through this transition making sure we look radiant and beautiful after suffering the ravages of a rough winter. Having healthy and beautiful lips is a must. The cold weather could really damage its skin making it look dry and wrinkled due to over exposure to extreme temperatures as well as dehydration. I put together a few tips to help you improve the appearance of your lips.

 How to Get Smooth & Beautiful Lips

1. Brush you lips with your toothbrush. Rinse your toothbrush after brushing your teeth and gently brush your lips with it. Do this once or twice a day.

2. Use Lip Balm or Petroleum Jelly. Avoid licking your lips, instead apply a lip balm. I do not recommend the use of sugary lip glosses as a treatment for dry lips, since they will do the opposite job.

3. Hydrate. Drink plenty of fluids on a daily basis. It is recommended to daily drink at least 8 glasses of water.

4. Sugar and Lip Balm. For a great exfoliator mix a teaspoon of sugar with a little bit of your favorite lip balm and massage your lips for about 2 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water. Proceed to apply more of just your lip balm. Try this once a week.

5. Lip Mask. Try applying  a lip mask once a week. Mix ½ a teaspoon of carrot juice with ½ a teaspoon of sour cream. Apply on your lips for 15 minutes and then rinse.

For more tips on how to get healthy and beautiful lips you could also refer to my prior article 10 Home Remedies to prevent and treat Chapped Lips.


How to Get Long Eyelashes

The question on How to get Long Eyelashes has always been one of the biggest enigmas we all women have as having long eyelashes is considered a main beauty feature.

But for some of us it seems to be a myth a little hard to accomplish. That is why most women are always getting the last mascara product out there, trying all different formulas and a lot of us even opt for false eyelashes instead. I had tried all kind of alternatives and I do love them all.

There are some great mascaras that make miracles and of course false eyelashes really make you look beautiful in just seconds. But I still decided to find out what other ways we have to get longer eyelashes the natural way so we could stay beautiful with and without makeup.


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How to get Long Eyelashes:


Vaseline. Vaseline is known for helping your eyelashes grow. It works as an excellent moisturizer preventing your eyelashes from falling off.

Olive Oil. Apply a thin coat on an eyelash brush and rub it against your eyelashes working from the base to the tips before going to bed. Wash your face in the morning. The oil will penetrate the hair follicles stimulating its growth.

Green Tea and Jojoba Oil. Mix a Tablespoon of Green Tea with a teaspoon of Jojoba Oil. Using a brush apply on your eyelashes leaving it overnight.

Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. Mix a teaspoon of Coconut Oil with a Vitamin E capsule and apply on your eyelashes overnight using a Q-tip.

Eating more Silicon Sources. According to wikiHow on How to Get Longer Lashes you should incorporate to your diet foods like asparagus, cabbage, olive, cucumbers, rice and oats.


Just make sure to avoid the use of any of these home remedies if you experiment a reaction to it. Also make sure to avoid contact directly with your eyes.


Hair Loss Treatments: Use these Home Remedies

Last night I was talking to a friend who is experiencing hair loss problems and does not know what to do. I personally believe stress and emotional issues could be some of the main causes of hair loss, therefore my advice to her was not get caught up on that and not to let her mind control her, as she should be the one controlling it instead. Besides this, I also decided to gather together a few hair loss treatments to help us prevent and treat this condition.

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Hair Loss Treatments

1. Rub your scalp. It is said that massaging your scalp with your fingertips activates the sebaceous glands and improves the circulation of blood in your head. So massage your scalp vigorously every night for about 5 minutes.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar. Vinegar rejuvenates your scalp and hair, removing all residue that might be clogging your hair follicles. Mix ¼ cup of Vinegar with 3/4 of Water. Apply on your hair before washing it. Rub your scalp for about 5 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and then wash as usual.

3. Coconut Oil. Rub 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil against your scalp. Leave it on for about 20 minutes then wash as usual. Try doing this at least once a week.

4. Hair Mask. recommends to combine 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil and Rosemary, 1 Egg Yolk and the juice of a Lemon. Apply on your roots and leave it on for 30 minutes.

5.Yucca and Olive Oil. Yucca is a known remedy for hair growth and hair loss. Peel off a small piece of about 2 inches and either grate it or put in the blender. Add 3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil. Apply mixture on your scalp and your hair, cover it with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Rinse and wash as usual.

For more remedies refer to my previous article Hair Loss Homemade Solutions.


Lighten your Underarms with these Natural Tips


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Lighten your underarms could become a necessity when this part of the body starts looking darker than your real skin color. Dark armpits could appear due to shaving and the use of hair removal creams which could cause skin discoloration. Also the accumulation of dead cells in this area could result in the appearance of darker skin. Here are some steps I gathered together to help you improve this area making it look healthier and beautiful.


1. Wax instead of shaving, as it removes the hair directly from the roots, getting rid of all of those dark dots on your skin, which are all your hair roots.

2. Use a natural scrub. Mix a Tablespoon of Honey, a teaspoon of Lime Juice and a Tablespoon of Sugar. Heat it up in the microwave for a about 10 seconds. Let it cool down and apply on your armpits gently rubbing your skin for about 5 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water.

3.  Apply a lightening mask. Mix a Tablespoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar. Make a paste and apply on your armpits for about 15 minutes.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide. Apply it everyday using a cotton ball. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then remove with lukewarm water.

5. Lactic Acid. Lactic acid removes any dead cells on your skin. It could be found in milk, buttermilk, yogurt, etc. Simply apply any of these on your skin using a cotton ball. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

These are safe home remedies you could try at home in order to lighten your underarms. Just make sure you are consistent and make use of these treatments at least every other day, if you don’t want to do them in a daily basis. Feel free to also make use of my Energetic Skin Exfoliator for Elbows, Knees and Heels I have previously posted.


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