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dianie collado

I am dianie, a five feet visionary and unconventional girl who really enjoys life. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic (currently living in New Jersey, U.S.), I recall coming up with several maneuvers trying to make my very limited wardrobe look diverse, unique and fun.

Living as a teenager in a third world country with a very strict and penny-pinching father 🙂 was not really an easy mission. I used to have my mother do all kind of possible alterations to my already worn-out and kind of old-fashioned clothes to make them look a little more updated.

I also used to have a log where I would list everything I owned, how to match them up and when and how many times I had worn them (to make sure I would not repeat the same pattern twice in the same month).

I came to the United States when I was 19 and I felt I had came to a fashion paradise! where everyone was able to wear everything and anything they desired. I loved that freedom and the fact there were unlimited ways to wear things and create all type of combinations and styles.

There are many ways to express ourselves. One of them is through our appearance. This one reflects and shows a lot of our personality and who we really are. But sometimes we might not know how to do that or maybe, we want to but we are afraid to do so. Sometimes also, we let others dictate how we should dress. My intentions are to help you define your own style, your own likes; I want to share my ideas with you and show you how to let go your fears and certain complexes we all have and how to set yourself free to just be: YOU.

This does not mean you have to follow my advices or my style, but if there is anything you might like, feel free to adopt it and even accommodate it to suit your personality and your likes. After all, this is what fashion is about; it is an expression of beauty in you. Listen to your inner voice and let your own style arise.

I shop at the same stores as thousands of other people do, of course average people like me do not have the privilege yet to have a custom made wardrobe, but this should not limit us from still being different even when we share the same brands and wear sometimes the same shirt or the same shoes as our friends. The difference will lie on how we wear it, how we accessorize it and how we carry ourselves. Just keep in mind to always make the difference and to add that little something that is going to make you look stunning, beautiful and unique.

Yes! God made you unique and free in any possible way, therefore you own your own world, your life, your way of thinking, your likes, your personality. All of these make this wonderful and special Goddess that you are! (we are goddesses, like my beautiful and awesome bellydance teacher Gia Al Qamar says). Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Beauty, Wealth and Prosperity.

We are the Lakshmi of our own world. We have the power of creating anything we want. We can create Beauty, Wealth and Prosperity upon us. You just have to truly wish for it and declare it in your life and then simply enjoy your creation to the ecstasy.

Lakshmi in Trance is about creating magic; it is expressing beauty to the full extent; it is a way of letting you know that you could express yourself and not be afraid to show how gorgeous and amazing you really are, not only physically but most importantly, how perfectly beautiful your inner soul is, since your beauty is a unique expression and reflection of who you really are.


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  1. How mobile

    Nice work on this site. I enjoyed the discussion. I would like to subscribe your updates via E-mail Or have bookmarked your site. Keep it going on to be followed for getting updates. I love Google for this.

  2. Lavone Esson

    Of course, what a magnificent website and enlightening posts, I surely will bookmark your blog.All the Best!

  3. katia

    Diane, felicidades! este es el comienzo de lo va ser grande. muchos exitos q se q lo vas a tener. El exito es hacer lo q mas te gusta y esto es tu passion. La mejor de la suerte para ti.

    1. laks1652

      gracias mi querida Katia, agradeciéndote gracias mil por tu apoyo y por tus buenos deseos! y que así sea amiga♥

  4. laks1652

    thank u David! I appreciate it 🙂 and thanks for offering, it is good to know I could count on my friends. Any suggestions are more than welcome too!!!

  5. David Ledesma

    Hey Dianie, congrats on your new website. I’m impressed by the design. Bring your inner fashionista out to the world and I hope you find success with it. Good luck!! If there is anything I can do to help with your page, please let me know.

  6. Jo Ledesma

    Hola Diane! I have to say I love it! The pics are very nice.
    You know when you were speaking to me about your project, I had no idea how big your passion fashion was,till I viewed your page…this is awesome! I like your style:) Keep up the hard work, you will be rewarded in the end:)

    1. laks1652

      thanks Jo! your words really mean a lot to me amiga…so happy you like it!!! the best is yet to come 🙂

  7. Yova

    Hermana keep going !!!! la pagina esta bella , OMG ! me pusiste roja, animo, animo !!!

    1. laks1652

      gracias mi yova♥♥♥ estoy en eso amiga.

  8. Yova

    Estoy muy orgullosa de ti !!!!!!!! , excelente, divino , mucho animo y éxito, loca por ver lo que sigue
    siiiii !

    1. laks1652

      gracias mi querida Yova, tú sabes que parte del crédito es tuyo porque esta idea surgió gracias a tu ingenio, pero por sobre todas las cosas, gracias a tu corazón tan inmeso, genuino y transparente que a su vez cree en mí. Por tu insistencia y perseverancia es que hoy Lakshmi in Trance está aquí dispuesta a crear y a compartir infinidades de cosas maravillosas con todas las Diosas del mundo♥TQM♥

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