“An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.” -Mahatma Gandhi

We often hear people say “Two wrongs do not make it right” and I totally agree with that. Growing up I used to be more of a rebel person. I would not go and hurt nobody just because, but the minute something was done to me I would retaliate immediately without even thinking about it. And why do we seek revenge? For experience, I think it first has to do with that stupid pride we all say we have. Secondly, it is because we are hurt and we want the other person to suffer the same or even worse. Vengeance may give us satisfaction but that would be only temporary. Trust me, it will not last forever and the worst part is that by retaliation you are automatically creating an endless chain of fateful events and incidents upon yourself. And I say this, based firmly on The Law of Cause and Effect that states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I just do not understand how we do not realize that we are contradicting ourselves; our actions and thoughts are not aligned in the same direction when we condemn something and then we are the first ones to carry out that same action! For example, the death penalty. How could we sentence to execution a person who had killed another? I am sorry but for me, it is committing the same crime that is being condemned. Folks, that satisfaction we seem to experiment when we retaliate it is just an illusion; it is only for the moment. It is not going to take the pain away. The pain will remain in us for years until we decide to forgive. Forgiveness is the answer. That is what is going to give us peace and eternal satisfaction, because when you forgive you open the doors to a better feeling which it will bring Love, Happiness and Peace. Hate and Vengeance only make us prisoners of misery and suffering, and believe it or not you are letting the other person win, you are the one who loses, because you are always going to be miserable keeping those unhappy memories with you. Instead, Forgiveness will transmute and erase all those uncomfortable feelings; it will make you overcome all the negative; it will have you learn from it and move forward being a happy and a better person. After all, is not what we all want?

2 comments on ““An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.” -Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Yova

    Totalmente de acuerdo contigo !!! BTW , mucho éxito en este nuevo año, besos y abrazos , muchas bendiciones llegando a ti, mucha luz.

    1. Lakshmi in Trance

      Mi amor!!! Gracias mil por tu comment! Me alegra saber que te gustó el artículo. Miles de bendiciones para ti en este 2012. Mucha Luz y Amor para ti mi hermana♥

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